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Title: The Chapel of Lublin Castle

Author: Janina Koziarska-Kowalik

Translated: Anna Krotkiewska-Zagórska

Editor: Janina Hunek, Anna Krotkiewska-Zagórska

Editing: Janina Hunek, Anna Krotkiewska-Zagórska

Photographs: Dorota Awiorko, Piotr Maciuk

Design and layout: Klawo Studio

Copyright: The National Museum in Lublin, 2022

Print: System-Graf, Lublin

Language: english

Size: 13 x 21 cm

Book cover: soft

Number of pages: 36

ISBN: 978-83-66925-08-3

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This publication has been possible under the 'Cultural Heritage' Operational Program issued by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.


“The Chapel of Lublin Castle” by Janina Koziarska-Kowalik is a collection of the most important information about this unique Lublin monument. The text contains data about the history and circumstances of the chapel’s construction, the reasons for its reconstruction and its decoration with frescoes, recollection of the glory days and description of the castle in ruins, and thus the impoverishment of the chapel. One will learn the history of establishing a prison in the Lublin Castle and the discovery and conservation of the frescoes. The publication contains information on the architectural features of the chapel and a detailed description of the frescoes. One can find descriptions of the cycles: doxological, evangelical, hagiographic and the founding theme, description of ornaments and curtains, the lineage of painters, the style and technique of painting. Moreover, a clear diagram of the arrangement of the representations on the walls and vaults of the chapel is attached. Publication with photographs. It is an excellent, pocket-sised compendium of knowledge about the Church of the Holy Trinity at the Castle in Lublin.


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